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Quality Assurance

Wallycam Enterprise is a Cameroon based leading exporter of Medicinal plants, Agriculture and Forestry products. Our products include: Yohimbine, Voacanga seeds, Irvingia gabonensis, Pygeum prunus, Ibogaine, Strophanthus, Bitter kola, Beans, Palm oil, Cocoa, Ginger, Garlic, Coffee, Cashew nut, Cow Horns, Raffia nuts, Woods, Timber, Rubber, Ebony woods, Wood pellets, Charcoal.

With the growing demands and awareness of the final customer, Wallycam Enterprise understands the importance of quality.Inline inspections are being carried out at levels of production. Our head of team along with our quality manager do the final inspection before the goods are shipped out.

Strengths and Advantages

Wallycam Enterprise unique strengths include the experience of its people.
Our Strength is our strong supply chain, which enables us to achieve short production lead times and quick deliveries. We are able to ship the goods even in 3-4 weeks time (depending on type and quantity) from our developed sources.

Our sources conform to global code of conduct norms, with all health and safety measures, effluent treatment facilities, labor laws, standards and social commitments.

Wallycam Enterprise focuses on the movement of information and more important - the value of that information. No message or enquiry is left unattended in our company and responses are given in the maximum of 12 hrs.  We strongly believe that most of the problems can be solved if the information is transferred accurately and on time.