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About Wallycam Enterprise

Wallycam Enterprise is a Cameroon based leading exporter of Medicinal plants, Agriculture and Forestry products. Our products include: Yohimbine, Voacanga seeds, Irvingia gabonensis, Pygeum prunus, Ibogaine, Strophanthus, Bitter kola, Beans, Palm oil, Cocoa, Ginger, Garlic, Coffee, Cashew nut, Cow Horns, Raffia nuts, Woods, Timber, Rubber, Ebony woods, Wood pellets, Charcoal.

Wallycam Enterprise is committed to developing close ties with our customers through integrated services, cooperation, and assistance, which translate into the highest standards in quality, delivery time, and values. Our hands-on and versatile management approach allows us to monitor all the processes, from production to shipping, in order to address and comply with all of our customers’ needs and expectations around the world.

Our teamwork is divided into 3 parts: Production, Quality Assurance and Logistics. Our policy has been built to fulfill customer satisfaction with finest quality of Medicinal plants, Agriculture and Forestry products as well as ethical and social responsibilities, based on strong time management; teamwork and modern communication always keep our commitment and goals to be fulfilled.

Our main principle is to maintain high quality and our system of Inspection can ensure the Standard by seriously controlling every step from growing, production, packing and loading into containers.

We foster friendly working environment through open communication and mutual respect. We encourage initiative, innovation and teamwork. Workers welfare and right is our premier focus.